Frank Decker

Honorary Associate, The University of Sydney Law School at University Of Sydney

Frank Decker is an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney Law School. He holds a Dr. rer. pol. in Economics from the University of Bremen, a Master of Applied Finance (MAppFin) from Macquarie University Sydney and a Dr. rer. nat. in Theoretical Physics from the Free University of Berlin. He works internationally as a strategy consultant. Decker’s academic work has focused on monetary theory and the economic role and impact of property rights. Publications include several articles on the property theory of money, the edited translation of Heinsohn and Steiger’s groundbreaking book Eigentumsökonomik into English (Ownership Economics, Routledge 2013) and the Heinsohn Festschrift (with J. Beaufort, Metropolis 2016). He has also worked extensively on the monetary history of Australia and New Zealand including a book on the early monetary history of New South Wales (The Emergence of Money in Convict NSW, Metropolis 2010), a detailed study on the connection between money, security interests and economic development (as exemplified by the Lien on Wool and Stock Mortgage Act NSW (1843) and the 1843 depression), and a chapter covering the history and legal foundations of central banking in Australia and New Zealand (with S. McCracken, in the Research Handbook on Central Banking, edited by Conti-Brown and Lastra, E Elgar 2018).