Geoffrey Underhill

Professor of International Governance at University Of Amsterdam

Geoffrey R D Underhill is Professor of International Governance at the University of Amsterdam, a post he has held since 1998. He is also founding Director of the Political Economy and Transnational Governance research programme in the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, a Fellow of the Amsterdam Institute for International Development, and directs the Master degree programme in Political Economy at the University of Amsterdam. He works on the political economy of governance in relation to international trade and the financial sector under conditions of cross-border market integration. He also has a long-running concern with theories of political economy, work which focuses on the relationship of patterns of market competition to shifting patterns of regulation and governance. His current research focuses on international co-operation for the regulation and supervision of global financial markets, the impact of regulatory change in financial markets on the global monetary system and the wider economic development process, and on problems of legitimacy and representation in global financial governance. A recent SWIFT Institute Working Paper explores the optimal conditions required for the provision of financial stability . He is author/editor of eleven books and over fifty scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited collections and has made several contributions to debate on the VoxEU site. His most recent book, Global Financial Integration Thirty Years On: from Reform to Crisis (ed. with J. Blom and D. Mügge) was published by Cambridge University Press in 2010.