Georg Fischer

Senior Research Associate at The Vienna Institute For International Economic Studies

Georg Fischer is a Senior Research Associate at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, focusing on employment and social trends at the European level and on policies that promote social convergence - between both North South and East West. He retired from the European Commission 2017, where his last position was Director for Social Affairs in DG EMPL. In his work at the Commission he was responsible for initiatives related to the EU Pillar of Social Rights, contributed to the establishment of the European Employment Strategy, to the Green and White Papers on Pensions and to Eastern enlargement. Previously he worked at the OECD on labour markets in transition economies and served in the cabinet of the Minister of Finance and in the Ministry of Labour in Austria. He was a research fellow at the Social Science Center Berlin, the Economic Cooperation Foundation in Tel Aviv, the Yale University Macmillan Center and at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.