Gregorios Siourounis

Lecturer in International Economics at the Department of Economics at University of Peloponnese

Gregorios Siourounis is a Lecturer in International Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Peloponnese, Tripolis-Greece. He was born in a tiny village called Asprocampos in the mountains surrounding Nemea region in Greece. He studied economics in four different institutions with scholarships starting at the Athens University of Economics and Business from where he graduates 1st. He went on to study economics and statistics at Iowa State University (MSc.) and continued studying economics at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (MSc.) in Spain. He earned his PhD at the London Business School and he was awarded the 2005 Young Economist Award from the European Economic Association for his work on “Democratization and Growth” –jointly with Elias Papaioannou. After his PhD, Gregorios spent one and a half years in the Global FX Strategy team at Barclays Capital as Global Head of Quantitative Research. He has published papers in democratisation, reserve allocation, capital markets and capital flows and he is currently working on capital flows and asset prices. He is married to Lena Spyropoulou and he has a wonderful son, Demetrios.