Hakan Yilmazkuday is a professor of economics at Florida International University, where he has been affiliated since 2011. He has received his Ph.D. in Economics from Vanderbilt University in 2009. Focusing on international economics, regional economics, macroeconomics, together with growth and development, he has published more than 50 articles in refereed journals such as Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of International Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, World Bank Economic Review, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of Regional Science, Review of International Economics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, and so on. He has been named as an FIU Top Scholar in 2016. He has served as the Executive Secretary of the International Economics and Finance Society. He is also affiliated with Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute as a Research Associate; he has been a Visiting Scholar at the Research Department of International Monetary Fund; he has been a Consultant to the World Bank; he is a contributing partner of Centers for International Price Research at Vanderbilt University; his research has been funded by National Science Foundation http://faculty.fiu.edu/~hyilmazk/