Hervé Le Bihan

Deputy Director of Monetary and Financial Studies Directorate at Banque De France

Herve Le Bihan has a M.S in Economics and Statistics (ENSAE Graduate 1993), and a Ph D. in Economics Université Paris XII (2005). His current position is as Deputy Head of Monetary and Financial Studies Directorate, Banque de France. Previous positions at the bank include being Head of Macro-Analysis and Forecasting Division (2012-2015), Head of Microeconomic Analysis Division (2009-2012), Deputy Head of Economic and Financial Research division (2007-2008), Economist, Research Unit (1999-2006). He has also been an Economist at OFCE (Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Économiques) (1995-1998). His research Interests include sticky prices and wages; inflation ; applied econometric; macroeconometric modelling