Hiroko Okudaira

Associate Professor, Business School at Doshisha University

Before joining Doshisha Business School in 2018, Hiroko Okudaira taught at Okayama University and served as a senior research associate at University College London as a JSPS fellow (2015-2016). Hiroko is primarily interested in labor market policies. She has done statistical analyses on policy evaluations in Japan, such as minimum wage, firing restriction, temporary help agency jobs as well as uniform enforcement of job search timing on new graduates. Her recent publications include: “Minimum Wage Effects across Heterogeneous Markets” (Labour Economics, 2019, co-authored); “The Economic Costs of Court Decisions Concerning Dismissals in Japan: Identification by Judge Transfers” (International Review of Law and Economics, 2018). She also received fellow’s best poster award at Society of Labor Economists 22nd Annual Meeting in 2017 for her paper, “Regulating the Timing of Job Search in Entry-level Labor Markets: Evidence from New College Graduates in Japan”.