Jean-Pascal Bassino

Professor of Economics at École Normale Supérieure De Lyon

Jean-Pascal Bassino, Professor of Economics, ENS de Lyon, has been previously affiliated with the University of Montpellier (1994-2002 and 2007-2011), the Maison Franco-Japonaise de Tokyo (2002-2005), the Australian National University (2006-2007) and the University of Grenoble (2011-2013). His research interests include long run changes in living standards, biological well-being, and economic institutions in Japan and other East and Southeast Asian countries, industrial policies and business strategies in Asia, as well as related issues in environmental economics. He has been involved as consultant in applied studies in environmental economics for Plan Bleu (PAM/PNUE) and the World Bank. Recent works: Regional Inequality and Industrial Structure in Japan: 1874-2010. Tokyo, Maruzen, 2015 (with Fukao, K., Makino, T. Paprzycki, R. Settsu, T. Takashima, M, Tokui, J.), Do Japanese MNCs use Expatriates to Contain Risk in Asian Host Countries? (with M. Dovis and P. van der Eng), Asia Pacific Business Review, 2015, and Informational efficiency in the Tokyo Stock Exchange in the 1930s (with T. Lagoarde-Segot), Economic History Review (forthcoming).