Jean-Robert Tyran

Professor Economics (part-time) at University Of Copenhagen, Professor of Economics and Director of the Vienna Center for Experimental Economics at University Of Vienna

Jean-Robert Tyran is professor of public economics at the University of Vienna and director of the Vienna Center for Experimental Economics. He has served on various editorial boards (Experimental Economics, European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of the Economic Science Association, Journal of Experimental Political Science, Judgment and Decision Making), and professional Boards (Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics, German Economic Association). He is a research fellow at various institutions (CEPR, London; EPRU, U Copenhagen) and has held numerous visiting positions (Harvard Kennedy School, London School of Economics, Caltech, among others). Before moving to U Vienna in September 2010, he was at U Copenhagen since 2004, and at U St. Gallen since 1997. He has earned his PhD in economics at the U of Zurich finishing in 1997. In his research, Jean-Robert Tyran mainly investigates how institutions like markets and democracy are shaped by bounded rationality and social preferences. He uses behavioral and experimental economics approaches to investigate issues in Political economy, Public economics, Industrial organization and Decision Making.