Karen Ward

Karen Ward, Managing Director, is the Chief Market Strategist for EMEA at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Karen has considerable experience in both public policymaking, and economic and financial analysis. Before joining the team in 2017, she was Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers for the Chancellor of the Exchequer. In this role she advised the Chancellor on macroeconomic issues including fiscal strategy and Brexit. Prior to this she worked for a decade at HSBC’s investment bank in a number of roles, including Senior Global Economist where her work included “The World in 2050 – An Analysis of the Structural Changes Affecting the Global Economy and the Rise of the Emerging Economies.” She was Chief European Economist before leaving to work for the Chancellor in 2016. She started her career at the Bank of England providing supporting analysis for the Monetary Policy Committee. Karen has a Masters with Distinction in Economics from University College London.