Koji Nomura is a Professor at Keio Economic Observatory (KEO), Keio University, Tokyo. He received a BA in 1993, a MA in 1995, and a PhD in 2005 from Keio University. He has served as Assistant Professor (1996–2003), Associate Professor (2003–17), Professor (2017–), and Director of KEO (2023–) at Keio University; CBG fellow at JFK School of Government at Harvard University (2003–05); Economist at the OECD (2006–07); Project Manager of APO Productivity Database at the Asian Productivity Organization (2007–); Visiting Senior Fellow at the Research Institute of Capital Formation, Development Bank of Japan (2009–), Visiting Fellow at the ESRI (2012–); Faculty Fellow at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (2013–19); Consultant at UNDESA (2015–16); and Project Leader at The 21st Century Public Policy Institute, Keidanren. His research focuses on economic measurement, economic growth, and energy policy. He is the author of Measuring Capital and Productivity in Japan (in Japanese) (Keio University Press, 2004) (winner of the 48th Nikkei Excellent Book Award and the 2005 Keio University Prize) and Energy Productivity and Economic Growth: Experiences of the Japanese Industries, 1955-2019 (Springer, 2023).