Makiko Nakamuro

Associate Professor in the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University

Makiko Nakamuro is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University. Her research expertise is in the economics of education, and she is particularly interested in how investments in education at both the household, school, and government levels affect people’s subsequent lifetime outcomes, such as earnings, emotional well-being, and health. Prior to her current position, she was an Assistant Professor at Tohoku University, as a member of the international migration project. She also previously worked for the Bank of Japan and the World Bank, where she was given considerable hands-on training in economic research. She earned both her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University. Her recent work has examined a large sample of identical twins to investigate the effect of birth weight, school quality, and genetic endowments on educational backgrounds and earnings. Another line of research is investigating the effect of TV or video games on school-aged children’s development and well-being by using official panel dataset. She is a member of the American Economic Association, the Japanese Economic Association, and the Japan Society of Educational Sociology.