Manuel Flores

PhD candidate at University Of Geneva, Assistant Professor of Econometrics and International Trade at University of the Republic

Manuel Flores is a PhD. Candidate at Geneva University since 2014 (Geneva School of Economics and Management, Switzerland). He is an Assistant Professor of Econometrics and International Trade at Universidad de la República (Uruguay). He holds a research position at the Economics Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and a teaching position at the at the Quantitative Methods Department of the Economics Faculty in the same University. He has been teaching various economics courses at the Uruguayan University since 1999, where he also took his master studies in the field of international economics. His main research interests include the determinants of international trade, the role of economic geography and countries specialization, trade policy, as well as topics in political economy, and international studies in political science. He has a special interest in applied econometrics and has focused on the methodological issues of the gravity model of trade. He has recently been awarded the "Carlos Real de Azúa" prize for political science research, granted by the Asociación Uruguaya de Ciencia Política, as well as the second mention in the "Carlos Filgueira" prize granted by Facultad de Ciencias Sociales of Universidad de la República for his Master thesis.