Marc Schiffbauer

Senior Country Economist at The World Bank

Marc Schiffbauer is a Senior Country Economist in the World Bank in the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management department. Marc joined the World Bank in September 2009 and worked as a country economist on the Latin America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and the Middle East and North Africa regions, including a variety of countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Kyrgyz Republic, Serbia, and Poland. In 2014, Marc was part of the World Bank research team preparing the World Development Report 2016 on Digital Dividends, leading the first chapter on digital technologies and growth.Before joining the World Bank, Marc worked for the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) in Dublin and as a consultant for the European Central Bank and the IMF on issues related to economic growth, firm productivity, and competition. Marc published several articles in academic journals on topics related to economic growth and firm productivity. Marc has a PhD in economics from the University of Bonn in Germany and was a one year visiting scholar at Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, and University of British Columbia, Vancouver.