Martin Walter

Sector Specialist at Inter-American Development Bank

Expert in natural resource development, Martin is part of the Special Group of Mining, Geothermal and Hydrocarbons of the Infrastructure and Energy Management at the IDB. He is currently based in Santiago, Chile, and is responsible for coordinating and supervising projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Since joining the Bank in 2013, he supports countries in strengthening the quality of governance in the mining and energy sector and optimizing benefits and mitigating risks and negative impacts associated with the extractive industries. Prior to joining the IDB, he worked as a researcher at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNDP) and as a consultant on risk and industrial safety issues. He has published extensively on the governance of the extractive sector and natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the Institut dĀ“Estude Politiques de Pais (IEP-Sciences Po) and Northwestern University with a specialization in international environmental policies and water management; a Masters in Comparative Politics, specializing in Latin America (IEP-Sciences Po); and a BA in Political Science from the University of San Andres (Argentina).