Martine Durand

Director of Statistics and Chief Statistician at Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)

Martine Durand was appointed Director of Statistics and Chief Statistician of the OECD in 2010. She is responsible for providing strategic orientation for the Organisation's statistical policy and oversees all of OECD's statistical activities. She was formerly Deputy-Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs where she was responsible for OECD's work on employment and training policies, social policies, health policies and international migration published in OECD flagship reports such as the OECD International Migration Outlook, the OECD Employment Outlook, Pensions at a Glance and Health at a Glance. Martine Durand joined the OECD in 1983 as an economist in the Economics Department where she worked on a number of policy issues related inter alia to international competitiveness, oil and commodity markets and labour markets in OECD countries. She later worked on the OECD Economic Surveys of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In 1991, she was appointed senior economist, heading the team responsible for ensuring world consistency of OECD projections published twice yearly in the OECD Economic Outlook. Between 1994 and 1997 she was responsible for preparing general assessments of economic and policy developments in OECD Member countries for publication in the OECD Economic Outlook. During that period, she also assumed the G-10 Secretariat responsibilities, in collaboration with representatives from the IMF and the BIS. In 1997, Martine Durand was appointed Counselor to the OECD Chief Economist, advising him on a wide range of policy issues. In early 2001, Martine Durand took up the position of Deputy-Head of the OECD Secretary-General's Private Office where she worked on a number of national and international policy issues requesting the attention of the Secretary-General and his Deputies. Prior to joining the OECD, Martine Durand worked in a French research and consultancy institute providing services to business and industry. During her career at the OECD, Martine Durand has co-authored numerous articles and publications in the area of international competitiveness, foreign trade and investment, public finances, labour markets and international migration. She is one of the principal authors of the OECD Growth Study. She was a member of the Editorial Board of OECD Economic Studies. Martine Durand graduated in mathematics, statistics and economics from the Paris VI University, the Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economique (ENSAE) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.