Mirea Raaijmakers

Supervisory Officer in Behaviour & Culture Supervision at De Nederlandsche Bank

Dr. Mirea Raaijmakers (1974) is a Supervisory Officer in behaviour & culture supervision at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB, the Dutch central bank). She is part of the expert team Governance, Behavior & Culture that developes and executes the DNB supervision on behavior and culture in the Dutch financial services industry. Mirea has been involved since the beginning of this supervision in 2010. Prior to her work at DNB, she was a Consultant at consultancy firms and government organisations in the field of organisational development and change. Mirea studied organisational psychology and finished a PhD on diversity management and organisational change. Mirea 's core competencies concern the understanding and influencing of behaviour of individuals, groups and organisations, especially during large scale (culture) change.