Nagpurnanand Prabhala

Francis J. Carey, Jr. Endowed Professor of Business and Professor of Finance at Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Prabhala is the Francis J. Carey, Jr. Endowed Professor in Business and Professor of Finance with the Carey Business School. His primary research interests are in empirical corporate finance and financial intermediation. Prior to joining Carey, Prabhala was Professor and head of the finance area at University of Maryland, College Park. Prabhala also has served as research head at CAFRAL, Reserve Bank of India, and has taught at Indian School of Business, National University of Singapore, and  Yale School of Management. His recent research focuses on using spatial methods to understand competition between firms, between actively managed funds, and in the venture capital industry. In addition, he has studied director elections and diversity in boards of directors, the FinTech areas of peer to peer lending and robo-advising, the adoption of FinTech by individuals and banks, and several issues in banking including bank runs, monetary transmission, creditor rights, and bank financing of small firms.