Nicolas van Zeebroeck

Lecturer and Senior Researcher at ECARES, Université Libre De Bruxelles

With a MSc in Management and a PhD in Economics and Management from Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Nicolas is now Lecturer and Senior Researcher at ULB (SBS-EM and IRIDIA), where his research and teachings cover technology, ICT and knowledge management. As a Consultant at Capgemini, he has been working on e-business and knowledge management projects for large firms in the telecoms, automotive and graphical industries in Belgium and France as well as for European Institutions. During his PhD, Nicolas van Zeebroeck authored or co-authored several papers on patent systems, patent value and patenting strategies and has been teaching assistant to Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Hugues Bersini and Tawfik Jelassi. He also managed and coached 15 strategy consulting projects performed by MBASolvay students for private and public organisations. Since then, he has joined IRIDIA (the Artificial Intelligence laboratory of ULB) as a Senior Researcher, where he focuses on knowledge management, data and text mining technologies. He is also Consultant for several companies in e-business, ICT and knowledge management and gives lectures and seminars on object oriented and Java development.