Nils Herger

Program Manager of the Central Bankers' Courses at Study Center Gerzensee, Lecturer at University of Bern

Nils Herger is currently Program Manager of the Central Bankers’ Courses at the Study Center Gerzensee and Lecturer at the University of Berne. He studied for a BA. in economics at the Universities of Bern and Neuchâtel and received an MSc. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Exeter. Before taking up his current position at the study center, Nils has worked as an Economic Adviser for the Swiss Competition Commission and the Swiss Business Federation and held a post-doctoral position at the national competence centre in research for trade regulation at the University of Berne. His main areas of research are in international trade and finance, exchange rates, and the role of multinational firms in the world economy. Furthermore, he is the author of an introductory book on central banking.