Pamela Giustinelli is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Bocconi University and holds affiliations to Bocconi’s IGIER, LEAP, and Covid Crisis Lab; the University of Oslo’s Department of Economics (through the DoPE Project); the University of Essex’s ESRC-MiSoC (through the Network on Preferences and Expectations); the University of Chicago’s HCEO Working Group (through the Family Inequality Network); and the University of York’s HEDG (through the Health Econometrics and Data Group). Before moving to Bocconi, Pamela worked as a researcher at the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center, to which she continues to be affiliated as an adjunct research assistant professor. While at University of Michigan, her primary research affiliation was with the U.S. Health and Retirement Study. Pamela is an applied microeconometrician, with a deep interest in uncertainty, heterogeneity, and measurement. Her research deals with the economics and econometrics of individuals’ expectations and other subjective phenomena, and with their role in determining microeconomic behavior under uncertainty. In her research, Pamela combines theory, theory-based survey measurement, and econometrics. Pamela’s research has often a human capital angle, while spanning applications in economics of education, family, health, labor, climate change, firms, and intersections of theirs. Pamela holds a BSc from the University of Verona, a MSc from Bocconi University, and a PhD from Northwestern University.