Patricia Clavin

Professor of International History, Jesus College Oxford at University Of Oxford

Patricia Clavin's research and publications centre on the history of international and transnational relations in the 20th century. She is especially interested in the relationship between international security and economic and financial stability, and the role played by international and regional (notably European) organisations. This has led her to explore the history of Europe and the Great Depression, the origins of the Second World War, and the role of the major powers in the world economy. Her published work on this includes the books The Great Depression in Europe, 1929-1939 (London, 2000), with a second edition appearing in 2014, and The Failure of Economic Diplomacy: Britain, Germany, France and the US, 1931-36 (London, 1996). More recently, she has published on the history of the League of Nations, and the organisations which succeeded it. Her new book is Securing the World Economy: The Reinvention of the League of Nations, 1920-1946 (Oxford, 2013). She is also exploring methodological questions in international, transnational and European history, and researching the origins of international concern with development.