Patricia Jackson

Patricia is a Non-Executive Director of the digital challenger bank Atom and chairs the risk committee. She is also a Senior Adviser at EY and a member of the global regulatory network. Patricia joined EY in 2004 as the Partner leading the banking risk practice and then later financial regulatory advice. She leads projects with the major banks globally on all the risk types as well as Basel III and stress testing. She is also increasingly involved in risk governance issues including developing an approach to setting and embedding risk appetite and risk culture. Prior to this she was the Head of the Financial Industry and Regulation Division in the Bank of England and represented the UK on the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision for 7 years, leading the global QIS studies and calibration of Basel II. She is a Trustee of CEPR and on the Council of SUERF. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Imperial College. Patricia has published a wide range of papers on market and credit risk and bank capital. She has edited a book on Risk Culture and Effective Risk Governance published by Risk Books September 2014.