Philip Verwimp

Professor of Economics at ECARES, Université Libre De Bruxelles

Philip studied economics at the University of Antwerp (BA, MA) and KU Leuven (PhD, 2003) and sociology at KU Leuven (BA) and Georg-August Univ. Göttingen (MA). He is Professor of Development Economics at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) since 2010 where he teaches economic development and impact evaluation. He is as Fellow of ECARES and i3h at ULB. He co-founded and co-directs the Households in Conflict Network and was also a Fellow of the Belgian-American Educational Foundation and a Fulbright Fellow at Yale University. Philip works on poverty, conflict, health and education in Sub-Saharan Africa. He received the Award of the Auschwitz Foundation for his doctoral dissertation and won several other Prizes. His work has been published in the American Economic Review, the Journal of Human Resources, Economic Development and Cultural Change, the Journal of Development Economics, the Journal of Peace Research, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, among others.  Website: