Renée B. Adams is a Professor of Finance at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. She is a Fellow of the European Corporate Governance Institute and a Senior Fellow of the Foundations of Law and Finance Research Center at Goethe University and the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research. She currently chairs the council of the Society for Financial Studies, holds the vice presidency of the Midwest Finance Association and is incoming VP-Financial Education at the Financial Management Association. Renée’s research is is interdisciplinary and lies at the intersection between economics, finance, management and psychology. She is interested in group decision-making and how group identity (typically gender), information, culture, preferences and values moderate decision-making. Her research can be loosely categorized as being in the area of corporate governance, because she often study these themes in the context of corporate boards. But she also explores these themes outside the governance setting, most recently in the art world. Renée’s interest in diversity is not limited to research. She co-founded AFFECT, the American Finance Association’s committee for women, in 2015 and chaired it until 2020. She is currently exploring comic-making as a medium for conveying scientific ideas that challenge people’s beliefs.