Ronald Findlay

Professor, Department of Economics at Columbia University

Ronald Findlay joined the faculty of Columbia in 1969 as a Visiting Professor and since 1970 as a Professor of Economics. Specialising in international trade, economic development, and political economy, he has written extensively on those topics. Some of his work includes "Input Trade and the Location of Production" with Ronald W. Jones in American Economic Review (2001); "Modeling Global Interdependence: Centers, Peripheries, and Frontiers" in American Economic Review (1996); "Government, Trade, and Comparative Advantage" with Richard Clarida in American Economic Review (1992); "The Roots of Divergence: Western Economic History in Comparative Perspective" in American Economic Review (1992); "The State and the Invisible Hand" with Stanislaw Wellisz in World Bank Research Observer (1988); and many others. Professor Findlay holds a BA from Rangoon University in Burma (1954). In 1960 he earned a PhD from MIT. At Rangoon University, he was appointed a Tutor in Economics (1954–57), a Lecturer in Economics (1960–66), and a Research Professor of Economics (1966–68).