Rozália Pál

Senior Economist at European Investment Bank

Rozália Pál is a senior economist at the European Investment Bank, Country and Financial Sector Analysis Division of the Economics Department. She is responsible for macroeconomic and financial analysis for Romania, Croatia, the Western Balkans and couple of Latin American Countries. She is contributing to the EIB publications, such as the EIB Investment Report and Bank Lending Survey. Her research activity focusses on financing constraints, investment barriers and high growth enterprises. Rozália has more than ten-years work experience in banking sector, working previously as chief economist in two private banks. She conducted several research projects previously at the European Central Bank and at the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder). She holds a PhD from University of Münster and she has published several papers in journals, such as Applied Financial Economics, European Journal of Finance, International Economics, The Journal of Technology Transfer, Small Business Economics and Structural Change and Economic Dynamics.