Santiago Sanchez-Pages

Senior Lecturer in Economics at University Of Edinburgh

Santiago Sanchez-Pages was born in 1976 in Madrid, Spain, and he is currently Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Edinburgh. He obtained his PhD in 2003 from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Since then, he has been publishing in international journals like Games and Economic Behavior, Economic Journal and European Economic Review. His work aims at using the tools of economic theory (Game Theory in particular) to analyse relevant problems lying on the (increasingly) blurred boundaries between economics and neighbouring social sciences. Part of his work has dealt with the economics of conflict, especially bargaining and alliance formation in conflict situations like war or wage negotiations. His research has also touched traditional economic fields like political economy, where he has studied participatory democracy, a democratic system where citizens are directly involved in the elaboration of policy proposals, as well as other emerging research fields like experimental economics, where he had studied truth-telling and lie aversion and, lately, the biological underpinnings of strategic behaviour.