Scott Sumner

Professor of Economics at Bentley University

In 1977 Scott Sumner earned a BA in Economics at the University of Wisconsin. At the University of Chicago he studied with Robert Lucas and earned a PhD in 1984. Since 1982 he has taught at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, where he is currently a Professor of Economics. His research has focused on the role of gold in the Great Depression, liquidity traps, and monetary regimes that utilise market forecasts of the CPI or nominal GDP. He has also done research on the history on economics, with a special focus on how monetary regime changes have influenced the development of macroeconomics. Recently he has begun researching the relationship between culture and neoliberal policy reforms. In February 2009 he started a blog which argues that tight money caused the worldwide slump that began in late 2008, and that monetary stimulus offers the most effective remedy for the crisis.