Sergey Paltsev

Research Scientist in Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Sergey Paltsev is a Principal Research Scientist at MIT Energy Initiative and Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. He is the Lead Modeler in charge of the MIT Emissions Prediction and Policy Analysis (EPPA) model of the world economy. His research covers a wide range of topics including energy economics, climate policy, taxation, advanced energy technologies, and international trade. He was lead author of the Joint Program's analysis of McCain-Liebermann 2003 Climate Stewardship Act, 2007 U.S. GHG Cap-and-Trade proposals, 2009 Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act, and 2010 study on the Future of U.S. Natural Gas. Before joining MIT in 2002, Sergey Paltsev worked as a Consultant for International Management and Communication Corporation and the World Bank and as an Executive Director of the Program in Economics and Management of Technology at Belarusian State University. He received a Diploma in Radiophysics and Electronics from Belarusian State University and PhD in Economics from University of Colorado.