Takaaki Ohnishi

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at University Of Tokyo.

Takaaki Ohnishi is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo. Prior to his current position, he was a Project Researcher at the Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo (2009-2013); and Research Associate (2004-2007) and Assistant Professor (2007-2009) at the Graduate School for Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo. He also served concurrently as Research Fellow (2009-2011) and Senior Research Fellow (2012-present) at The Canon Institute for Global Studies; and Senior Researcher at the Institute of Statistical Research (2013). He received his Ph.D. (Science) from the Department of Complexity Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Frontier Science, The University of Tokyo in 2004. His research interests focus on econophysics and mathematical engineering. His current research themes are on research on fluctuations in product and real estate prices and economic analysis using large-scale business data. He has published numerous papers in academic journals including the International Review of Financial Analysis, Quantitative Finance, and Physical Review.