Theodore Moran

Marcus Wallenberg Chair at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University

Theodore H. Moran holds the Marcus Wallenberg Chair at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, where he teaches and conducts research at the intersection of international economics, business, foreign affairs, and public policy. Dr. Moran is founder of the Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy, and serves as Director in providing courses on international business-government relations and negotiations to some 600 undergraduate and graduate students each year. He also serves on the Executive Council of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown.His most recent books include The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Development: New Measurements, New Outcomes, New Policy Approaches, Editor, with Magnus Blomstrom, Stockholm School of Economics and Edward Graham, Institute for International Economics, to be published by the Institute for International Economics, early in 2005; International Political Risk Management: The Brave New World, ed., (MIGA, the World Bank Group, 2004); Beyond Sweatshops: Foreign Direct Investment, Globalization, and Developing Countries (Brookings, 2002); International Political Risk Management: Exploring New Frontiers, ed., (MIGA, the World Bank Group, 2001); and Foreign Investment and Development (Institute for International Economics, 1998).In 1993-94, Dr. Moran served as Senior Advisor for Economics on the Policy Planning Staff of the Department of State, where he had responsibility for trade, finance, technology, energy, and environmental issues. He returned to Georgetown after the NAFTA and Uruguay Round negotiations. Dr. Moran is Consultant to the United Nations, to diverse governments in Asia and Latin America, and to the international business and financial communities. In 2000, he was appointed Counselor to the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of the World Bank Group. In 2002 Dr. Moran was named Chairman of the Committee on Monitoring International Labor Standards of the National Academy of Sciences. Professor Moran received his PhD from Harvard in 1971. He is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Institute for International Economics and at the Center for Global Development.