Till Requate

Professor, Department of Economics at Kiel University

Till Requate, who was born in Bielefeld, Germany and educated in Bielefeld, is a Professor of Economics at the Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel, Germany, since 2002. His field of teaching and research is environmental and resource economics, microeconomics, competition policy, economics of innovation, and new institutional economics. Before coming to Kiel, Till Requate was an Assistant Professor at the University of Bielefeld (1990-1995), an Associate Professor at university of Oldenburg (1995-1996), and a Full Professor for Economics at the University of Heidelberg (1996-2002). At the University of Heidelberg Requate was also the Director of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Environmental Economics and was the Chairman of the joint graduate programme “Environmental and Resource Economics” of the Universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim from 1998-2002.