Wijnand Nuijts

Head of Department, Expert Centre Governance, Behaviour and Culture at De Nederlandsche Bank

After joining De Nederlandsche Bank in 2003, Wijnand Nuijts served as Head of several units of DNBĀ“s Legal Services Division (until mid-2004), as Head of the Department responsible for the supervision of several large Dutch insurance conglomerates (until 2006) and as Head of the Department responsible for integrity supervision (since 2007). Since January 2011 he holds the position of Head of the Expert Centre for Governance, Culture and Behaviour.Wijnand propagates a closer focus on the interface between the structure of governance and its effectiveness. He takes great interest in analysing the processes at the root of boardroom decision-making processes. Before 2003, Mr Nuijts consecutively worked as a corporate law lawyer with Trenite Van Doorne in Amsterdam, an in-house lawyer with De Ster Holding BV, and an Adviser on mergers & acquisitions with Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance. In 1992, Mr Nuijts graduated in both international law and civil law from Leiden University.