Xueyi Zheng

Professor and PhD supervisor of School of Economics at Peking University

Zheng Xueyi (1953-2009) was a historian of Chinese economic thought, a Professor and PhD Supervisor of School of Economics, Peking University. Professor Zheng served as President of the Association of Chinese Economic Thought History, Continuing Education Department of Peking University, Training Institution of Financial Derivatives of Beijing University, Market Economy Research Centre of Peking University and Credit Research Center of Peking University.Professor Zheng Xueyi made a significant contribution to the research areas such as the History of Chinese Economic Thought, China s Economic Management Thought, etc. He also made arduous efforts on the extension and development of traditional economic thought and modern business management and marketing, modern China's economic thought on transitional economy, overseas Chinese business culture, entrepreneurial study, Chinese culture, modern leadership and other fields, in which he carried out a large number of forward-looking and innovative researches and achieved fruitful academic results. Professor Zheng enriched and developed the theory system composed of the History of Chinese Economic Thought, Modern Enterprise Management and Entrepreneurial Study. His unique ideas and research results have significant influence on related subjects and areas.