Yosuke Takeda is a professor at the Faculty of Economics, Sophia University. Prior to his current position, he was a visiting associate professor at the Department of Economics, Rutgers University (1997); a visiting research fellow at the Economic Growth Center, Yale University (1998, 2007); and an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics, Sophia University (1994-2005).His research interests cover macroeconomics including monetary policy and fiscal policy, empirical industrial organization including panel estimation of the Japanese auto parts enterprises, and family economics including an evolutionary approach to intra-family allocations. His research has been published in various academic journals including Macroeconomic Dynamics and the Japanese Economic Review. He has also published and contributed to books on heterogeneous expectations in the Japanese economy, effects of unconventional monetary policy, and other topics. Professor Takeda received the Economist Award in 2013 (Mainichi Shimbun), which was shared with Mr. Yasuhide Yajima.