Yujin Kim

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at Shanghaitech University

Yujin Kim is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management in the School of Entrepreneurship and Management at ShanghaiTech University. Her research interests lie in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and business strategy. Her works primarily focus on startup innovation, venture capitals (VCs), and inter-firm partnership for technology commercialization. While innovation increasingly becomes a team work, the risky and idiosyncratic nature of innovation makes it vulnerable to market inefficiencies such as information asymmetry. Her research applies the implications of organizational economics and microeconomics to understand how the entrepreneurial ecosystem including entrepreneurs, large firms, investors and regulatory agencies works to bring novel innovation to market. Specifically, her recent works study how the public sector affects the direction of innovation delivered by startups and the timing of VC investments in the context of the biopharmaceutical industry. She also studies performance implications of inter-firm partnership between startups and large established firms in creative and innovative industries. Her current projects investigate the changes in investments by VCs operating across borders. Dr. Kim received her PhD in business administration from UC Berkeley in 2016 where she won the Kauffman dissertation fellowship and a full academic scholarship from the Korea Foundation of Advanced Studies (KFAS).