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Meetings for the month of October 2019

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04/10/2019 BoE, CEPR, Imperial, LSE Second Conference on Non-bank Financial Sector and Financial Stability, London
Hosted By: London School of EconomicsSupported By: Bank of England,Imperial College Business School
Organizers: Franklin Allen, Marco Bardoscia, Alina Barnett, Thummim Cho, Sinem Hacioglu, Arjun Mahalingam, Martin Oehmke, Lukasz Rachel, Katrin Tinn, Jagdish Tripathy, Dimitri Vayanos, Nora Wegner and Kathy Yuan
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Non-bank financial intermediation comprises almost half of the global financial sector. Since the crisis, UK private non-financial corporations have also substituted funding from banks for tradable securities. Alongside these changes, the share of electronic trading in financial markets has increased substantially over the last decades.

Therefore, the resilience of the non-bank financial sector and the evolving market infrastructure is crucial for the financial system to play its crucial role of providing funding to the real economy. Their resilience will also ensure that the financial system overall absorbs, rather than amplifies, stresses.

In order to assess the financial stability implications of these recent developments, it is important for academics and policy makers to improve their understanding of risks arising from the behaviour of non-bank financial institutions and the evolution of the supporting market infrastructure, and how to deal with those risks.

The Paul Woolley Centre at the London School of Economics in partnership with the Bank of England, the CEPR, and the Brevan Howard Centre at Imperial College are keen to attract papers that enhance the understanding of the following themes:

Theme 1- Non bank financial institutions and their impact on financial markets

  • Contracts, incentives and portfolio choices of non-banks
  • Effects of non-banks on asset markets in equilibrium
  • Effects of non-banks on the real economy
  • Policy interventions and macro-prudential tools for non-banks

Theme 2- Financial market infrastructure

  • Trading activity and liquidity in dealer-intermediated markets
  • Costs and benefits of high-frequency trading
  • Systemic risk in derivative markets
  • Dark pool markets

If you would like to submit a paper, please upload papers here by Friday 10 May 2019. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by mid June 2019. Please indicate if you are able to act as a discussant. You will also be asked to specify your funding requirements. If you do not currently have a CEPR profile or not a CEPR member, please create a new profile here and then click on the registration link above. If you have any difficulties registering for this meeting, please contact Mandy Chan, Events Officer, at [email protected] or +44 20 7183 8804.

Programme committee: Franklin Allen (Imperial and CEPR), Marco Bardoscia (BoE), Alina Barnett (BoE), Thummim Cho (LSE), Sinem Hacioglu Hoke (BoE), Arjun Mahalingam (BoE), Martin Oehmke (LSE and CEPR), Lukasz Rachel (BoE), Katrin Tinn (Imperial), Dimitri Vayanos (LSE and CEPR), Ansgar Walther (Imperial), Nora Wegner (BoE) and Kathy Yuan (LSE and CEPR).

12/10/2019 Bank of Finland and CEPR Joint Conference on Monetary Economics and Reality, Helsinki

Organizers: Francesco D Acunto, Daniel Hoang, Seppo Honkapohja, Michael Weber and Esa Jokivuolle
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In addition to contributed papers, the programme will feature a keynote address by Andrei Shleifer (Harvard) and presentations by invited speakers: Alberto Martin (CREI), Gianluca Violante (Princeton and CEPR), Ivan Werning (MIT), Mirko Wiederholt (Science Po and CEPR). All presentations will be in plenary sessions and each paper will be assigned a discussant.

The conference will bring together top researchers from academia, central banks, and other policy institutions to present research findings related to monetary economics. Some of the topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective monetary policy communication
  • Cognitive abilities and household behaviour
  • Household expectations formation
  • Micro-consistent monetary economics
  • Heterogeneous agent New Keynesian models

We invite authors to submit completed papers or extended abstracts. Preferences are for completed papers. If you know of a paper that fits the conference theme, please forward this message to the authors.

Authors who are CEPR members can upload their submission on the following registration link Please also indicate in your submission whether you would be interested in being a discussant as well. The organisers will select the papers based on originality, analytical rigor, and policy relevance. If you are not a CEPR member, please create a CEPR profile at and then click on the registration link above to make a submission.

If you have any difficulties registering for this meeting, please contact Mandy Chan, Events Officer at [email protected] or +44 20 7183 8804. On local organisation, please contact Ms Liisa Mannila at [email protected].

The deadline for paper submission is 30 June 2019. Only the authors of accepted papers will be informed by 31 July 2019. Travel and local accommodation for speakers and discussants from academic institutions will be funded by the Bank of Finland according to its internal guidelines.

Organising Committee: Francesco D'Acunto (Boston College), Daniel Hoang (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Seppo Honkapohja (Aalto University and CEPR), Esa Jokivuolle (Bank of Finland), Michael Weber (University of Chicago)

24/10/2019 Financial Intermediation in a Globalized World, Frankfurt
With: Deutsche Bundesbank,Halle Institute of Economic Research,ECONtribute
The organizing committee invites submissions of high-quality theoretical or empirical research papers on financial intermediation. The conference calls for papers especially covering topics on financial intermediation and regulation, including (but not limited to):

  • Integration vs. fragmentation of
    banking systems
  • Multinational banks and firms
  • Financial intermediation, innovation
    and FinTech
  • Trade finance and shadow banking activities
  • Maturity transformation and liquidity creation
  • Risk-taking and asset/liability management
  • Micro- and macro-prudential regulation
  • Bank supervision and resolution
  • Evaluation of regulatory policies for banks
  • Systemic risk, spillovers and economic stability

  • The conference will feature plenary sessions with keynote speeches by Allen N. Berger (University of South Carolina, Wharton Financial Institutions Center, and European Banking Center) and Linda S. Goldberg (Federal Reserve Bank of New York and NBER) and a dinner speech by Joachim Wuermeling (Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank).

    Please submit your paper by the 31st of May via email to [email protected] with reference to "Financial Intermediation in a Globalized World". Economy class travel expenses and accommodation (both subject to price limits) will be covered for invited speakers and discussants.

    The conference is sponsored jointly by the Deutsche Bundesbank, the IWH Halle Institute for Economic Research, the Cluster of Excellence ECONtribute funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under Germany's Excellence Strategy - EXC-2326/1 - 390838866, and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).

    Daniel Foos (Deutsche Bundesbank)
    Björn Imbierowicz (Deutsche Bundesbank)
    Thomas Kick (Deutsche Bundesbank)
    Michael Koetter (IWH & University of Magdeburg)
    Isabel Schnabel (ECONtribute, University of Bonn & CEPR)


    Thorsten Beck
    Christa Bouwman
    Martin Brown
    Elena Carletti
    Yuliya Demyanyk
    Mariassunta Giannetti
    Rainer Haselmann
    Neeltje van Horen
    Vasso Ioannidou
    Steven Ongena
    José-Luis Peydró
    Manju Puri
    Anthony Saunders
    Sascha Steffen