Rethinking Global Governance in Light of the Crisis: New Perspectives on Economic Policy Foundations

Global governance was, to put it charitably, one of the ?steadier? areas of economic research. Then the storm hit ? the Global Crisis capsized existing concepts ? pushing economists and political economists into uncharted waters.
For scholars, these horrible events were both daunting and exciting. Cherished assumptions had to be binned, but global governance became a top-line issue for Heads-of-State. Economic and political analysis of global governance really mattered.
This eReport collects a dozen essays by world-class scholars on the full range of global governance issues including macroeconomics, finance, trade, and migration. These reflect the research of nine research teams working in an EU-funded project known as PEGGED (Politics, Economics and Global Governance: the European Dimensions).
The report can be downloaded from the PEGGED website.