CEPR Policy Paper 11: A Dynamic Approach to Europe?s Unemployment Problem: Policy Report

At the Lisbon Summit in 2000, the European Union highlighted the problem of unemployment and low job participation. Policy Paper 11, ?A Dynamic Approach to Europe?s Unemployment Problem? is designed to increase understanding of unemployment and assess polices to bring unemployment down. The report reports the results of a research project that was truly European in scope, with research being carried out by teams from eight leading academic institutions around Europe. Policy Paper 11 gives recommendations on the following labour markets issues: 1. Unemployment Insurance and Assistance Systems; 2. Active Labour Market Policies; 3. Maximum Legal Workweek Legislation; 4. Flexible Work Forums: Part-time and Temporary Work; 5. Temporary Help Agencies; 6. Employment Protection Legislation; 7. Target Groups: Youth and Lone Parent Unemployment; 8. Policies to Promote Self-Employment; 9.Shadow Employment.