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Title: Spillovers of Prosocial Motivation: Evidence from an Intervention Study on Blood Donors

Author(s): Adrian Bruhin, Lorenz Goette, Simon Haenni and Lingqing Jiang

Publication Date: January 2015

Keyword(s): bivariate probit, blood donation, prosocial motivation and social interactions

Programme Area(s): Public Economics

Abstract: Spillovers of prosocial motivation are crucial for the formation of social capital. They facilitate interactions among individuals and create social multipliers that amplify the effects of policy interventions. We conducted a large-scale intervention study among dyads of blood donors to investigate whether social ties lead to motivational spillovers in the decision to donate. The intervention is a randomized phone call making donors aware of a current shortage of their blood type and serving us as an instrument for identifying motivational spillovers. About 40% of a donor's motivation spills over to the other donor, creating a significant social multiplier of 1.78.

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Bruhin, A, Goette, L, Haenni, S and Jiang, L. 2015. 'Spillovers of Prosocial Motivation: Evidence from an Intervention Study on Blood Donors'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.