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Title: Early Maternal Time Investment and Early Child Outcomes

Author(s): Emilia del Bono, Marco Francesconi, Yvonne Kelly and Amanda Sacker

Publication Date: July 2015

Keyword(s): Cognitive and non-cognitive skill formation, Early interventions and Education production functions

Programme Area(s): Labour Economics and Public Economics

Abstract: Using large longitudinal survey data from the UK Millennium Cohort Study, this paper estimates the relationship between maternal time inputs and early child development. We find that maternal time is a quantitatively important determinant of skill formation and that its effect declines with child age. There is evidence of long-term effects of early maternal time inputs on later outcomes, especially in the case of cognitive skill development. In the case of non-cognitive development, the evidence of this long-term impact disappears when we account for skill persistence.

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del Bono, E, Francesconi, M, Kelly, Y and Sacker, A. 2015. 'Early Maternal Time Investment and Early Child Outcomes'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.