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Title: Taxing Wealth: Evidence from Switzerland

Author(s): Marius Brülhart, Jonathan Gruber, Matthias Krapf and Kurt Schmidheiny

Publication Date: June 2016

Keyword(s): Behavioral Responses, Switzerland and Wealth Taxation

Programme Area(s): Public Economics

Abstract: We study the effects of wealth taxation on reported wealth. Our analysis is based on data for Switzerland, which has the highest rate of annual wealth taxation in the developed world. While the wealth tax base is defined at the federal level, tax rates vary considerably across locations and over time. We use aggregate data on wealth holdings by canton and individual-level data for the canton of Bern. Our estimated behavioral elasticities substantially exceed those of the taxable income literature. We also find that taxpayers bunch below the tax threshold, that observed responses are driven by changes in wealth holdings rather than mobility, and that financial wealth is somewhat more responsive than non-financial wealth.

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Bibliographic Reference

Brülhart, M, Gruber, J, Krapf, M and Schmidheiny, K. 2016. 'Taxing Wealth: Evidence from Switzerland'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.