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Title: Competitive Schools and the Gender Gap in the Choice of Field of Study

Author(s): Fanny Landaud, Son-Thierry Ly and Eric Maurin

Publication Date: July 2016

Keyword(s): Gender gap in science and selective school

Programme Area(s): Labour Economics

Abstract: French students have to choose a major field of study at the end of their first year of high school. This is a very important decision as students have little leeway to change their field of study during the two last years of high school. Building on a RD design, this paper reveals that enrollment at a more selective high school, with higher-achieving peers, has no impact on boys' choices, but a very significant impact on girls' ones: they turn away from scientific fields and settle for less competitive and prestigious ones. Estimated effects are very large: an increase of about 10% of a SD in the ability level of high school peers induces a reduction of about 10 percentage points in the proportion of girls who choose to specialize in science. Effects are even larger for girls at the top of the ability distribution.

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Landaud, F, Ly, S and Maurin, E. 2016. 'Competitive Schools and the Gender Gap in the Choice of Field of Study'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.