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Title: Non-rating revenue and conflicts of interest

Author(s): Ramin P. Baghai and Bo Becker

Publication Date: September 2016

Keyword(s): agency problems, Credit ratings and issuer-pays

Programme Area(s): Financial Economics

Abstract: Rating agencies produce ratings used by investors, but obtain most of their revenue from issuers, leading to a conflict of interest. We employ a detailed panel data set on the use of non-rating services, and the associated payments, in India, to test to what extent this conflict affects credit ratings. Rating agencies rate issuers that hire them for non-rating services 0.3 notches higher (than agencies that are not hired for such services). Also, within rating categories, default rates are higher for firms that have paid for non-rating services. Both these effects are larger the larger the amount paid for non-rating services is. These results suggest that issuers which hire agencies for consulting services receive higher ratings despite not having lower credit risk.

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Bibliographic Reference

Baghai, R and Becker, B. 2016. 'Non-rating revenue and conflicts of interest'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.