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Title: Macroeconomic Effects of Debt Relief: Consumer Bankruptcy Protections in the Great Recession

Author(s): Adrien Auclert, Will Dobbie and Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham

Publication Date: March 2019

Keyword(s): Consumer bankruptcy, micro to macro and regional multipliers

Programme Area(s): Financial Economics, International Macroeconomics and Finance and Monetary Economics and Fluctuations

Abstract: This paper argues that the debt forgiveness provided by the U.S. consumer bankruptcy system helped stabilize employment levels during the Great Recession. We document that over this period, states with more generous bankruptcy exemptions had significantly smaller declines in non-tradable employment and larger increases in unsecured debt write-downs compared to states with less generous exemptions. We interpret these reduced form estimates as the relative effect of debt relief across states, and develop a general equilibrium model to recover the aggregate employment effect. The model yields three key results. First, substantial nominal rigidities are required to rationalize our reduced form estimates. Second, with monetary policy at the zero lower bound, traded good demand spillovers across states boosted employment everywhere. Finally, the ex-post debt forgiveness provided by the consumer bankruptcy system during the Great Recession increased aggregate employment by almost two percent.

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Auclert, A, Dobbie, W and Goldsmith-Pinkham, P. 2019. 'Macroeconomic Effects of Debt Relief: Consumer Bankruptcy Protections in the Great Recession'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.