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Title: Hidden Wealth

Author(s): Neil Cummins

Publication Date: September 2019

Keyword(s): Big Data, economic history, hidden wealth, inequality and tax evasion

Programme Area(s): Economic History and Public Economics

Abstract: Sharp declines in wealth-concentration occurred across Europe and the US during the 20th century. But this stylized fact is based on declared wealth. It is possible that today the richest are not less rich but rather that they are hiding much of their wealth. This paper proposes a method to measure this hidden wealth, in any form. In England, 1920-1992, elites are concealing 20-32% of their wealth. Among dynasties, hidden wealth, independent of declared wealth, predicts appearance in the Offshore Leaks Database of 2013-6, house values in 1999, and Oxbridge attendance, 1990-2016. Accounting for hidden wealth eliminates one-third of the observed decline of top 10% wealth-share over the past century.

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Bibliographic Reference

Cummins, N. 2019. 'Hidden Wealth'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.