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Title: Do Monetary Policy Announcements Shift Household Expectations?

Author(s): Daniel Lewis, Christos Makridis and Karel Mertens

Publication Date: January 2020

Keyword(s): central bank communication, consumer con dence, high frequency identi cation, informational rigidities and monetary policy shocks

Programme Area(s): Monetary Economics and Fluctuations

Abstract: We use a decade of daily survey data from Gallup to study how monetary policy influences households' beliefs about economic conditions. We first document that public confidence in the state of the economy reacts instantaneously to certain types of macroeconomic news. Next, we show that surprises to the Federal Funds target rate are among the news that have statistically significant and instantaneous effects on economic confidence. Specifically, we find that a surprise increase in the target rate robustly leads to an immediate decline in household confidence, at odds with previous findings that suggest consumers are largely inattentive to economic developments. Monetary policy news about forward guidance and asset purchases does not have similarly clear and robust immediate effects on household beliefs. We document heterogeneity across demographics in the responsiveness of macroeconomic beliefs to aggregate news, and we relate our findings to existing evidence on informational rigidities.

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Lewis, D, Makridis, C and Mertens, K. 2020. 'Do Monetary Policy Announcements Shift Household Expectations?'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.