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Title: Interpreting the ERM Crisis: Country-Specific and Systemic Issues

Author(s): Willem H. Buiter, Giancarlo Corsetti and Paolo Pesenti

Publication Date: October 1996

Keyword(s): ERM, Monetary Policy Coordination and Systemic Crises

Programme Area(s): International Macroeconomics

Abstract: Most interpretations of the Exchange Rate Mechanism crisis of 1992/3 ignore the key role played by structural policy spillovers among European countries, and overlook the effects of coordination (or lack thereof) of monetary and exchange rate policies among the countries making up the periphery of the system. This paper provides a simple analytical framework, able to encompass the recent literature on currency crises, while developing it by bringing out the decisive role of the strategic interactions among national policy-makers in a multi-country monetary and exchange rate game. In contrast to an approach that focuses exclusively on country-specific issues, a systemic view is ultimately able to unravel more coherently, and more convincingly, the ?puzzles? of the ERM crisis.

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Buiter, W, Corsetti, G and Pesenti, P. 1996. 'Interpreting the ERM Crisis: Country-Specific and Systemic Issues'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.