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Title: Unemployment and Wages of Ethnic Germans

Author(s): Thomas Bauer and Klaus F Zimmermann

Publication Date: December 1996

Keyword(s): Earnings Assimilation, Immigration of Ethnic Germans and Unemployment

Programme Area(s): Human Resources

Abstract: This paper uses the immigration sample of the German Socioeconomic Panel to analyse the earnings and unemployment assimilation of ethnic Germans who entered West Germany within the last ten years. The empirical analysis suggests that there is no earnings differential between immigrants from Eastern Europe and comparable East Germans at the time of immigration. With longer time of residence the earnings of former East Europeans rise faster than those of East Germans, however. Migrants from Poland and the former USSR have higher unemployment risks than those from East Germany or Romania. Ethnic networks are shown to be very useful for a successful integration into the labour market.

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Bauer, T and Zimmermann, K. 1996. 'Unemployment and Wages of Ethnic Germans'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.